If within your condominium you have one or several common areas/amenities, you can create and configure it according to your restrictions, costs, regulations and more.

PATH: Condominium > Manage Areas

Select the green button with the "+" symbol


Configure the area according to its internal guidelines:

3-Cost if it will have (if it will not have a cost, just leave it at $0.00)
4-If this will take hour settings you can deactivate and activate from this option.
5-Schedule configuration
6-Time blocks allowed by reservation
7-business days


8-Reservation permits with debts
9-Restrictions in case of allowing reservations with debits
10-Advance reservation settings
11-How many reservations will be allowed to the user/residents of pending status
12-Limit of reservations allowed per month
13-Block reservations made on the same day to avoid misunderstandings
14-Forget about checking reservation by reservation, now you can configure that this is done completely automatically.

NOTE: For automatic reservations, it must be taken into account that these will be approved every 15 minutes (this period of time is Unmodifiable) also in cases where the common area has a cost, it will be authorized and will be reflected in the status of account of each condominium owner.


Always remember to save changes at the end of your configuration.
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