CREATE-DELETE ACCOUNTS (condominiums, preserves, private communities)

Now it is no longer necessary to resort to the customer support team to create, delete or edit the name of any of your accounts (condominium). You can do it yourself!


For this type of movement, the owner of the organization (main account/master account) may provide permissions to its administrators, who will designate both the permissions and the responsibility that this entails.

ROUTE: Login / enter > Organization setting ###


Once in this section, the account holder will be able to give permissions to any administrator user within his organization to create and/or delete accounts (condominiums). Just click on the popcorn icon according to the administrator you require and that's it. Don't forget to save changes!



ROUTE: Login / enter > + Add account ###


1-You enter the name that the new account will bear
2-enter the number of units
3-You click on "next step"


On the next page you will be able to validate if the cost of your monthly service will change depending on the number of units added in the new account (condominium) according to the monthly plan that it belongs to.


1- There are currently 144 units, which places it in PLAN 300 (maximum 300 units).

2- When adding the "Torre Pino" condominium with 200 more units, this is added to the units that already had and resulting in 344 units in total, placing it in PLAN 450 (maximum 450 units) and its Once, showing us the monthly price change, the same platform will indicate all the details of the change:


To confirm you just have to click on ADD ACCOUNT


Likewise, you can also unsubscribe and/or delete accounts that you no longer need to manage:

ROUTE: Enter the account/condo you want to delete > Settings > Account settings > DELETE ACCOUNT

Remember that this section, as well as that of CREATE ACCOUNTS, will always be active by default for the owner of the organization, however this can provide permissions to any administrator if you wish (see in the settings of this same article)



·If there is a price adjustment, only the first 5 days of the month will be carried out after those days, the adjustment will be made automatically at the cutoff of the following month (1st of each month).
·Once the account (condominium) is deleted, there is no reversal movement, that is, this is an irreversible movement, for which we suggest you check the movement well in order not to lose that information by mistake.

Updated on: 16/06/2022

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