EDIT USERS: Mail, name, address, profile etc.

Edit, add, delete information of a condominium owner such as:

-Cell phone
-Add some note

ROUTE: Administration > Users and units > Select the unit > Click on EDIT > Make the changes > To save your corrections just click on CLOSE EDITION


·Edit profile and create new profiles

You can find some situations in which the condominium owner is not necessarily a resident, but a tenant, owner or another type of profile, for this you can create your own profiles from the CONFIGURE PROFILES option


Also give the appropriate permissions to view from each box:


Don't forget to save changes!

·Select Unit Primary Contact

A main contact in Condovive has the purpose of issuing payment receipts in the name of the selection when there is more than one user per unit.

This can be modified any time you want from the little yellow star found next to the profile


·Add users

-You can add users within the unit/housing, just select the option ADD NEW USER


NOTE: Adding a user is not the same as adding a unit/home. If you require this option, you must request it from customer support.

Updated on: 15/06/2022

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