EDIT/DELETE CREATED FEES (individual and bulk)

Did you make a typo and want to correct it? 👀

Don't worry! You can modify or eliminate your error depending on the case:

ROUTE 1: When the fees were created globally. Maintenance and extraordinary fees only.

Settings > Edit collective fees

In case of editing, it will only allow you to edit CONCEPT AND DATE.


NOTE: If you want is to edit the amount, you must delete it from the red cross and generate it again. If you only want to delete it, it will be the same way, cross red



If the error was in duplicating installments, these will be unified if they have the same date, therefore you must delete the entire month (or duplicate month) and reload it correctly

# ROUTE 2: When the fees were created individually. Maintenance, extraordinary and service fees

Settings> Edit individual fees> Select the unit

From this option, you can edit all the necessary fields as well as delete it from the red cross.


Updated on: 15/06/2022

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