How can I register a balance of a unit/dwelling?

Within CondoVive it is possible that the units may have credit balances as long as the home has the following requirements: 💰

1-The registration of a credit balance strictly requires that the unit NOT contain current or future debts, that is, that it be at "0.00" In this way, the same system when making the deposit will indicate that the amount will belong to the balance in favor of maintenance.


Or, that your account statement is completely empty, example:


In CondoVive, only balances in favor can be used solely and exclusively for MAINTENANCE fees

2-If the unit has previously mentioned information, you will not be able to capture a balance in favor since the system will necessarily ask you to indicate what debt you wish to pay.

EXAMPLE: If the condominium owner owes me the month of March as shown in the image and as an administrator I want to add $300 as a balance in favor of another installment that is not March, the same platform will indicate that this will not be possible and you must select a installment , otherwise you won't be able to continue:


🚨 IMPORTANT NOTE: There is no option in which any unit is allowed to have a positive balance (in favor) and a negative balance (delinquent) at the same time.

Updated on: 17/06/2022

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