Once you have all your condominium settings complete with information (balances, directory, installments, etc.) you can send a welcome email to all the condominium owners so they can access in both the mobile app (cell phone/tablet) and their WEB application (through a computer)

There are three ways to send the welcome email:


1- Condominium > General announcements > Massive welcome mail, to be sent to all residents

2- Condominium > Individual messages > Select the required unit > Welcome mail (envelope icon with a yellow star), for the welcome mailing individually.

3- Administration > Users and units > Select the unit > Send welcome email.

You must make sure that all the condominium owners have a valid email, otherwise they will NOT be able to access any of the apps.

In all three cases the mail will contain the following:

1-URL to access the Web platform
2-Email previously assigned by the administrator
3-Link or URL for password assignment


⚠️ IMPORTANT NOTE: When entering your email, the condominium owner must click on the link provided and create their own password.

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