Validate each income made on any date from your income report:

Route: Report > Revenue Report > Select Search Period


1-Date range box: Here you can select the period of time for your search
2-Type of search: Normal, fee or identifiers (the latter contains an identifier for internal use)
3-Status: Active (all current income) Canceled (all income or payments that have been eliminated if you have the active option in your profile), active and commissions (if you have active commissions in your payments) or all.

Always remember to click on SEARCH to activate your search parameters, otherwise they will NOT be executed


This data is displayed in columns that can be hidden and shown depending on the report you need, this from the button that appears in the upper right part that says COLUMNS



1-Advance payments

This also shows us the list of payments of the classic report with the difference that indicates for each of the payments how much of the amount corresponds to installments due (installments from past months), current (installments for the month) or anticipated for each unit, for this you can find it from your menu on the left side, the “Reports” section, select “Income Report” and then select the upper tab “Advance Payments”.


2-Income by concept

This summary show the names of the different fees that have been generated by the system and the number of payments that have been received for that concept, as well as the total of these payments broken down by unit, it will only be enough to go to "Reports" section " Income Report” on the upper tab “Income by Concept” it will be enough for you to click on the name of the quota that you want to verify it.


3- Billed revenue

In this section you can find all the income that has been invoiced from the system (this only applies to accounts that have activated the electronic invoicing section, which is only valid in Mexico) and you will be able to see the corresponding invoice. To enter this section you must enter the “Reports” menu section, the “Income Report” section and go to the upper tab “Invoiced Income”.

đź“Ś NOTE: Your reports can be exported when you need it, from the upper right corner in its different options.


Updated on: 16/06/2022

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