You will not always need to create quotas in a massive way, for this reason this section allows you to do it individually for each condominium owner/resident.

ROUTE: Finance > Generate fees > Individual fees (top)

Select the unit to generate fee(s), from the${color}[#18a01c](green button + ADD CONCEPT)


🚨 IMPORTANT: Once the fee of your choice has been selected, if it is an extraordinary fee, the "concept" field should NOT be left empty since no data will be generated, make sure you enter information, it can be the same name as the fee or any feature you want.

You can add any amount of concepts you need in a single exhibition. Once with the complete information, click on CHARGE to save changes.

NOTE: The concepts or type of fees that will appear in the TYPE column will be those that you currently have registered, if you need a new concept you must create it from the previous route mentioned in SUPPLEMENTARY FEES.

Updated on: 13/06/2022

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