My emails are not arriving, what could be the reason for this?

Sometimes you can have mail delivery problems such as: they are not sent, slow, rejection or other issues. This can be due to multiple factors such as:

1- Mail received to SPAM, Unwanted or any of the folders within the receiving mail, if the sent mail report has the status "RECEIVED" it was received as such, however if it is not displayed in your inbox it is likely found in any of the previous folders mentioned.

NOTE: This will vary to the email configuration of each resident/owner and only the person himself will be able to validate it



2-Bounced or REJECTED email: when the email report shows either of these two legends, it is due to:

REBOUNDED: The recipient's inbox is full, the email is incorrect (it contains a wrong character, misspelled, etc etc) You must correct said data and send the information again.

REJECTED: The sender has marked either the sending email of the condominium or the email of the server* as Spam or Spam, in this case we as support as well as any administrator will not be able to carry out nothing about it since it corresponds directly to the sender, in this case the condominium owner.

*This email is not removable in any way and that it is the server that processes all emails issued on our platform

3- Mail not executed correctly: In cases we can believe that an email is not arriving since a condominium owner has reported said situation and we automatically consider that they are not arriving, however, in our reports of sent emails there is no registered movement resulting in NO the movement/sending was carried out correctly.

NOTE: Remember, this happened if a movement involving the use of mail is not displayed in your mail report, it is because it was not executed by that means, that is, the sender to send was not selected.

4- Interrupted mail or transaction: When you are sending mass mailing, it is normal that these may take time to process depending on the number of units that we have within our condominium, therefore a "waiting" or "loading" screen will be displayed, if when performing this operation we interrupt the execution either by closing the tab or returning to another section is a very high percentage that the mail is not sent or is not executed completely (incomplete sending)


NOTE: If the emails are displayed as RECEIVED in your email reports, they are being delivered successfully, so the final sender must validate it from their own email settings.

Updated on: 16/06/2022

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