STEP 5: Welcome Email: I want my owners to start using the CondoVive app

You are almost done!

Once you as an administrator or the administration deems it convenient, they can send a welcome email to each of the condominium owners. But....What do you need this for? 🤔

Through the Welcome email in CondoVive, the administrator can provide access to our resident application, so each condominium owner can validate from their own account statements, make reservations for amenities, view important announcements shared by the administrator, and more!


Route 1:Communication> General announcements > Massive welcome mail, to be sent to all residents

Route 2:Communication> Individual messages > Select the required unit > Welcome mail (envelope icon with a yellow star), for sending welcome messages individually.

In both cases the mail will contain the following information:

1- Web platform login URL

2- Mail previously assigned by the administrator

3- Link or URL for password setup


The condominium owner, when entering his email, must click on the link provided and create his own password


IMPORTANT NOTE: To make use of the resident app it is necessary to carry out the steps mentioned, otherwise they will not be able to use them

Updated on: 14/06/2022

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