If the resident has not paid in time, we have two ways to make a surcharge or interest:


In this option the administrator generates de surcharge every time he needs to make the charge. (not automated)

Route: Finance > Generate surcharges

There you will filter the following information:


1- Range or period of time to locate debtors.
1.2- The ALL CURRENT DEBTS box is activated only when it is required to generate a surcharge to the entire debt history
2- Amount/percentage to be charged for surcharges.
3-Where the surcharge will be executed (we suggest the "surcharge" option so that you can validate the amount in a column with the same name independently)
4-Debts greater than a certain amount, example: $1.00
5-Type of fee that will be affected (surcharges do not apply to service fees)


If the last day of payment is the 10th of each month and it is May 15th, all the month is selected, that is, from May 1st to May 31st, this will make the system detect who does not made the payment on time and will only recharge those homes with a debt.

However, an important mention should be made, if a capture error is made, it cannot be deleted in a massive way, it must be done unit by affected unit. Therefore, we suggest you carry out this step with great caution.


These are programmed from the database by us as customer support, we would only need the following information to carry them out.

1-To which debts will this surcharge be applied:

·Current for the current month (Residents who owe for the current month)
·Last month past due (Residents who owe last month)
·Cumulative surcharges (the amount or percentage is accumulated to ALL debtor installments cumulatively)

2-Recurrence: Monthly, Bimonthly or Quarterly

3-What day does the surcharge apply? (From day 1 to day 26 o the month)

4-Quantity or percentage?

5-What kind of fee? (maintenance or extraordinary) Service fees do not apply

IMPORTANT NOTE: The surcharge schedule affects from the indicated date, this does NOT generate surcharges in past installments

Updated on: 14/06/2022

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