A discharge is the process of forgiving an indebtedness whether it is a fee or surcharges to a resident. This may be due to a debt renegotiation after years of debt or an agreement with the resident. CondoVive allows us to record the movement in the system and add a comment to this action as well as keep a history of forgiveness for future clarification.

ROUTE: Finance > Forgive debts

In this section, it will allow you to carry out the appropriate forgiveness of some payment for a resident in the event of having some type of agreement or simply by an agreement with the administration.

Select the green button with the “+” symbol


Select the unit and enter the required information according to its field:

1-Amount or percentage of forgiveness
2-Concept to forgive: charge, surcharge or total.
3-Comment on the procedure
4-Select the installment(s) to run


Once making sure that everything is correct, you will click ACCEPT to save changes.


Once the remission has been made, do not forget to accept or reject the remission since, since it is something as delicate as 'forgiving' balances, this section has double confirmation:

ROUTE: Finance > Forgive debts


Updated on: 14/06/2022

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