Why can't I pay a balance in favor of several installments?

At CondoVive, the balance in favor has a "limited" schedule at the moment, therefore this type of balance can only be paid for one-time maintenance fees, since the allocation is automatic.

If you have a balance in favor at the time of generating the next installment or charging the following month (maintenance fee), it will be paid automatically.

1-This is internal programming information

2-It is not possible to assign that balance to another type of fee other than maintenance.


A payment of $200 pesos is made to cover April 2022 which is $100, therefore the remaining 100 pesos will be taken as a balance in favor of maintenance (the same system will indicate you with a legend)


Due to the above, when you create an extraordinary fee or another fee that is not maintenance, the balance entered in the previous example will NOT be credited to those fees since this is not a maintenance fee


Therefore, those $100 entered in the first example will remain intact until the creation of the next maintenance fee.

Is there any option to be able to add credit balances to other types of installments? 🤔

Yes and no at the same time.

At the moment there is no option or section that performs the function of "re-assign balances in favor" so you will not be able to do it in the "normal" way, however there are options such as the following:

1- Create or generate the extraordinary fee as a maintenance fee. Instead of creating the extraordinary concept, such as: reserve fund, fine, parking space, etc., from the extraordinary fees section, it will be created as if this were a maintenance fee, you can do it individually, for example:

ROUTE: Finance > Generate fees > Individual fees


Likewise, you can also create them globally:

ROUTE: Finance > Generate fees


🚨 ${color}[#c80909 IMPORTANT: When creating fees in this way, you should consider that the balance in favor will be taken into account for that fees, but in matters such as reports, income statements, annual reports, the fee will be considered as a MAINTENANCE FEE. Therefore, we suggest you validate the option before starting it up.


2- Eliminate the payment that generates the balance in favor and re-capture it taking into account the extraordinary fee that you want to pay, settle or pay.

Updated on: 16/06/2022

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