Did you receive a payment that you don't know who belongs to? Record it as UNIDENTIFIED payment-extra income as long as you find out the sender

Route: Finances > Income > "Extraordinary Income" upper menu > Fill in the information > Category: Unidentified Payments.

Click the OK button > Confirmation > OK.

How do I identify it later? 🤔

Because at the moment there is no identification option, you must delete the created payment and re-capture it in the unit once it has been identified.

1- Delete payment

Path: Settings > Top menu "Edit Extra Income" > You can use the Search tool: Unidentified payments > click on red X to delete.

In this way, taking into the account all the information such as: Date, folio, account, type and amount, it will be possible to later capture the income in the corresponding unit.

2- Re-capture payment/income (capture income)

Finance > Capture Revenue

Or click on the following link to see the guide: 👇🏻


Updated on: 14/06/2022

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