The directory is one of the sections that must be filled out when opening your condominium to start feeding the information platform.

You can do it in three ways:

1- Feeding the information of the residents manually.

ROUTE: Administration > Units > Select unit > Click on the EDIT option


Once you add and/or edit your information, you will click on CLOSE EDITION

You can add users within the unit/housing, just select the option ADD NEW USER


NOTE: Adding a user is not the same as adding a unit/home. If you want to add units, you can do so by clicking on the following link: ADD & REMOVE UNITS:

2- If you want to do it in a massively way from your platform

ROUTE: Settings > Import Directory


3- Filling the Migration file (request it with any customer support representative). Once we verify that the data is correct, it will be uploaded to your platform.
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